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NETL seeks proposals to manage unconventional gas project impacts

The National Energy Technology Laboratory has issued a request for proposals to study ways to improve environmental performance for unconventional natural gas projects.

Proposals will be accepted until Mar. 6, 2012.

The proposal is part of an onshore unconventional resources program by NETL’s contractor, the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America.

RPSEA has a specific goal of unlocking substantial domestic shale gas resources while addressing public concerns about potential environmental impacts.

“There is a need to demonstrate that the controls, safeguards, and environmental impact mitigation procedures put in place during drilling and production are commensurate with the associated risks,” it said in its program opportunity statement.

Proposals will be accepted in four focus areas: minimizing surface disruption, improving groundwater protection, maximizing hydraulic fracturing efficiency by minimizing total fluid requirements, and improving fluid management approaches.

The request follows one on Dec. 13 aimed at small oil and gas producers, for which proposals will be accepted until Feb. 27, 2012, NETL said.

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