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Colonial Pipeline to add 100,000 b/d gasoline capacity

Colonial Pipeline Co. has approved a 100,000 b/d expansion of Colonial’s main gasoline pipeline, originating in Houston and connecting Gulf Coast refineries with markets across Colonial’s system. Colonial will add the capacity to its Line 01 during first-quarter 2013.

Line 01 begins in Houston and runs to Greensboro, NC, from where shipments to the Northeastern US are made.

The expansion will increase Colonial’s overall gasoline delivery capacity by roughly 10%, and is the third capacity enhancement announced by Colonial in 2011. Previously announced were:

• A 100,000 b/d increase to the mainline serving the Northeast, put into operation earlier this year. This line begins in Greensboro and serves the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York markets.

• A 75,000 b/d capacity increase to the distillate mainline, with 20,000 b/d completed and 55,000 b/d due online by mid-2012. This line starts in Houston and ends in Greensboro.

Recent refinery closings in the Northeast have contributed to allocating space on Colonial mainlines, the company said, primarily between Houston and Greensboro. The announced and completed expansions are intended to help alleviate this condition.

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