BLM seeks comments on Kokopelli pipeline's second phase

The US Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comments on a proposed natural gas pipeline south of Rifle, Colo. Bargath LLC proposed constructing a buried line to gather gas from east of lower Divide Creek and move it to processing facilities in Parachute, BLM’s Silt, Colo., field office said in a Dec. 8 notice.

It said the proposed Kokopelli Phase II pipeline would be 16 in. and extend for 22.3 miles (7.6 miles on BLM-managed land, 0.9 mile on US Forest Service-managed land, and 13.8 miles on private property). The line would be bored under the Colorado River to avoid impacts to the riverbed, aquatic wildlife, and the adjacent riparian ecosystem, it added.

Bargath is a midstream company operating as part of Williams Field Services. Its proposed project would gather gas produced by Williams RMT Production Co. from Kokopelli field and transport it to the Dry Hollow compressor station near Parachute. The companies are subsidiaries of Williams Cos., Tulsa.

The proposed project would connect with the recently completed terminus of the Kokopelli Phase I pipeline from the Kokopelli field to the Rulison compressor station, according to BLM. The agency approved the earlier pipeline as part of a right-of-way grant in March, and it was constructed this past summer.

BLM’s field office in Silt is preparing an environmental assessment of the proposed pipeline. It said that it will accept comments on its potential impacts until Jan. 20, 2012.

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