BLM decision amends Ruby Pipeline's right-of-way

The US Bureau of Land Management signed a decision amending the Ruby Pipeline Project’s right-of-way on Dec. 7, BLM’s Reno, Nev., field office announced on Dec. 13. The changes include construction of 4 above-ground cathode sites to control pipeline corrosion and 15 small roads to main line valves, it said.

The system includes a 678-mile, 42-in. interstate natural gas pipeline crossing 368 miles of federal land from Opal, Wyo., across northern Utah and Nevada to a terminus near Malin, Ore., BLM said. BLM and the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued permits for the project in 2010, and the pipeline went into service this year on July 28.

BLM said it and FERC would continue to monitor and evaluate restoration progress along the entire pipeline’s ROW several years. Questions about the cathodes and roads decision may be directed to BLM National Project Manager Mark Mackiewicz in the US Department of the Interior agency’s field office in Price, Utah, it added.

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