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IAGC gives EM techniques clean environmental bill

A study commissioned by the International Association of Geophysical Contractors has found electromagnetic techniques used in the marine environment to have “no potential for significant effects on animal groups such as fish, seabirds, sea turtles, and marine mammals.”

LGL Ltd. environmental research associates prepared the study, which was funded by member companies of the IAGC EM Subcommittee.

The goal of the EIA was to provide a comprehensive resource summarizing available literature and potential effects of EM technologies on marine life. Designed for a broad audience, the document provides a basic description of EM survey technologies, naturally-occurring EM fields, and the potential use of these fields by diverse animal groups.

The assessment focuses on survey activities considered to have at least some potential to affect marine animals, such as EM, noise, light emissions, and accidental events.

LGL Ltd. also found that cumulative effects from EM surveys are negligible compared to natural EM anomalies, induced fields from natural water currents, and anthropogenic EM sources such as those originating from undersea equipment. The document is available on the IAGC web site.

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