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HRT finds oil, gas at two Solimoes basin wildcats

HRT Participacoes em Petroleo SA, Rio de Janeiro, encountered hydrocarbons at two exploratory wells in the Solimoes basin in northwestern Brazil.

The 1-HRT-1-AM on the SOL-T-170 block found two gas reservoirs in the Carboniferous Jurua formation and three oil reservoirs in the Devonian Uere formation.

HRT tested the three Devonian intervals through casing, and two with a combined 24 m of net pay had low permeability but may be stimulated by fracturing to improve their production capacity as part of a discovery assessment plan to be submitted to the National Petroleum Agency. The tested reservoir corresponds to the oil-bearing interval in the 1-NSM-1-AM well and is structurally 11 m lower and below the oil-water contact.

HRT did not test the Jurua gas reservoirs, which had a combined 33 m of net pay. They will be part of the discovery assessment plan.

The company will move the Tuscany 115 rig to the 1-HRT-170/06-AM location in the same block to test the Jurua and Uere formations.

Meanwhile, HRT filed a notice of discovery with ANP and cased for tests the 1-HRT-4-AM exploratory well, which went to a TD of 2,806 m in crystalline basement on the SOL-T-194 block in Coari district of Amazonas state.

It had shows in two gas-bearing intervals with a combined 11.2 m of net pay and in five oil-bearing intervals with a combined 41.2 m of net pay in the Jurua, all indicating good porosity.

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