Energy Institute publishes subsea guidelines

The Energy Institute, London, supported by Subsea UK, Aberdeen, has published new guidelines for improving reliability and obsolescence in subsea systems.

“These guidelines provide a framework for reliability assessment and use of field data as well as the management of obsolescence to help support continued improvements in efficiency and safety, particularly in relation to aging assets,” the group said.

It described issues addressed by the new guidelines like this: “At present the industry deploys many methodologies for the determination of reliability, availability and maintenance of subsea systems. In addition, during operations, field information on actual downtime is not consistently acquired or used to develop best practice in design and maintenance to improve uptime. The impact of obsolescence of equipment and the implications on reliability of changing requirements throughout the life of the system are also not uniformly identified or applied.”

The institute offers the guidelines for sale at a price of £135. The price to members is £101.25.

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