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Alberta: Keg River vertical oil drilling to pick up

Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd., Calgary, has completed its third successful Keg River well in the North Marlowe oil pool at Steen River, northwest Alberta, and plans to drill three more vertical Keg River wells in the first quarter of 2012.

The 100/15-22-122-21w5m vertical well stabilized at 225-250 b/d of clean oil with associated gas after 11 days on production. It penetrated a dolomite zone with over 12 m of net oil pay and is structurally the highest well in the pool, on the northeastern rim of the Steen River astrobleme. The well tested close to virgin reservoir pressure.

The $1.7 million well confirms the lateral extent of the oil pool and the porosity mapping derived from the 3D seismic. Strategic has a 100% working interest in the North Marlowe Keg River pool.

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