Oklahoma: Osages sue to stop Burbank wind farm

The Osage Nation has sued in federal court in Tulsa, Okla., asking a permanent injunction against construction of a 150-Mw wind farm in Osage County, Okla.

Wind Capital Group., St. Louis, Mo., proposed to start construction within months of 94 wind turbines on 8,300 acres mostly north of US 60 near Burbank, halfway between Pawhuska and Ponca City. The Osage County Board of Adjustment voted in August to grant a variance for the project.

The lawsuit states that building and operating the turbines, their foundations, and electric lines will interfere with the construction of flow lines for natural gas. It says federal law guarantees oil and gas lessees access to the surface above the mineral estate.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has opposed the wind project, saying it would interfere with current and future oil and gas development in violation of federal and state law.

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