UOP, Foster Wheeler units share Omani refinery expansion contract

Foster Wheeler AG’s Global Engineering and Construction Group, through an agreement with Honeywell's UOP, recently received a contract from Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Co. to provide basic engineering design for a solvent deasphalting unit at the Sohar refinery in Oman.

The SDA unit is a major part of the Sohar refinery expansion project, which will increase the refinery's production of such petroleum products as LPG, naphtha, jet A-1 fuel, gasoline, diesel, and propylene. The unit will be designed to process 2.5 million tonnes/year of vacuum residue of Oman Export Blend crude oil to produce deasphalted oil and asphalt for road bitumen production.

The SDA unit is to be on stream in 2015, according to the announcement, which did not disclose further terms of the contract.

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