Tunisia: Winstar probes Silurian, sets up gas plant

Winstar Resources Ltd., Calgary, will drill a second Silurian exploratory well on its 42,502-acre Chouech Essaida concession in southern Tunisia along the Algerian border.

The 100% interest CS-10 well is to spud in early October 2.3 km east of the CS-1 discovery well with dual objectives in the Triassic and Silurian reservoirs. The 4,450-m well is to cost $15-16 million including a $5 million completion and test program.

CS-10 results will help plan the company’s drilling and facility programs in anticipation of gas sales through the 320-km, 28-in. Southern Tunisian Gas Project pipeline expected to be completed by the end of 2014, Winstar said.

Meanwhile, Winstar shipped a 15 MMcfd gas processing plant from its depleted Torokkoppany gas field in Hungary to Chouech Essaida in order to place the lowest Silurian Tannezuft zone in the CS-1 well on production. Start-up is likely in early to mid-October. The CS-1 well has three pay zones in Silurian and two in Triassic.

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