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Rig count falls slightly in US, rises in Canada

US crude oil and natural gas drilling rig activity this week fell slightly, losing 1 unit to reach a total of 1,990 rigs working. This week’s count is up by 331 units from the comparable period a year ago, Baker Hughes Inc. reported.

Land rigs actually gained, up 5 rigs to 1,944 units working. The total of offshore rigs was down 2 units to 31 working. Inland water rigs, meanwhile, lost 4 units to reach 15.

Of the US rigs working, 1,060 were drilling for oil, down 11 rigs compared with last week. Rigs drilling for natural gas for the week ended Sept. 30 gained 11 units, reaching 923 rigs working.

There were 7 rotary rigs unclassified, which was down 1 rig from last week.

Directional drilling activity decreased by 4 units to 238. Horizontal drilling lost 5 rigs to 1,135 units.

Among the top-producing US states, Wyoming gained 3 units to reach 55 rigs working. Up 2 units each, Colorado and West Virginia had respective counts of 79 and 27. Texas, North Dakota, and Arkansas each gained 1 rig with counts reaching 904, 191, and 34, respectively. Pennsylvania, at 109, remained unchanged this week. California, 52, and Alaska, 6, each lost 1 rig. New Mexico at 81 was down 2 units. Louisiana was down 4 rigs to 148 rigs working.

Canada’s count gained 5 units to 510 rigs working, which was up 197 units from the same period last year.

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