Kazakhstan: Doris-6 well encounters hydrocarbons

Tethys Petroleum Ltd. said drilling and log data indicate that the Doris AKD06 appraisal well in Kazakhstan encountered oil in the Cretaceous sandstone and Jurassic limestone reservoirs.

The Cretaceous sandstone was encountered above prognosis and at a higher elevation than in the AKD01 Doris discovery well and is of good quality with similar net pay thickness to AKD01, which flowed more than 5,400 b/d of oil from this unit.

The Jurassic limestone was also encountered above prognosis and slightly higher than in the AKD01 well and has similar character to the recently drilled AKD05 well that flowed more than 1,500 b/d of oil from this zone.

Production liner has been set, and more geophysical data will be obtained to tie the well into the new 3D seismic dataset. The well will then be cconnected to the test production facility and two production tests are planned on the reservoir units. Testing should begin within a month.

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