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Colombia: Putumayo rework lifts Villeta oil output

Emerald Energy PLC improved oil production by reworking the Mirto-1 well on the Maranta block in Mirto field in the Putumayo basin in Colombia, said La Cortez Energy Inc., Bogota.

The workover had the objective of initiating a long-term production test on the Villeta N sand, the same zone that is producing in the Mirto-2 well.

The rework boosted output to 334 b/d of 15° gravity oil with 1.5% BS&W on an electric submersible pump with 820 psi flowing pressure at the ESP inlet, the expected pressure needed to maintain current production levels, La Cortez Energy said. On Sept. 10 production rose to 343 b/d with 0.5% BS&W.

Mirto-2 has averaged 484 b/d of oil with 0.7% BS&W for the year with flow pressure stable at 1,065 psi, indicating the potential to increase the ESP frequency in order to maintain production levels closer to 500 b/d.

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