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Argentina: Neuquen well cores shale, other zones

The CorS X-1 exploratory well in Argentina’s Neuquen basin is being cased to 14,760 ft after taking full diameter vertical cores and sidewall cores in the Vaca Muerta shale and other formations, said Madalena Ventures Inc., Calgary.

Apache Energia Argentina SRL drilled the well on the 123,500-acre Cortadera block, in which Madalena has 40% interest.

Vaca Muerta shale is 2,323 ft thick. Apache obtained sidewall cores in the Quintuco formation, which is 2,024 ft thick overlying the Vaca Muerta. The well also cut 676 ft of Mulichinco formation in which sidewall cores were taken in areas of elevated hydrocarbon shows. Sidewall cores were also taken in the Agrio formation overlying the Mulichinco.

Laboratory analysis will be carried out on the drill cuttings, sidewall cores, and full diameter vertical cores and integrated with electrical and mud log data to design a testing and stimulation program expected to start in October.

Magdalena said the information will assist in its exploration of its 90% owned Curamhuele block 30 km north and on trend with Cortadera.

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