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Tajikistan: Tethys spuds second well, talks farmout

Tethys Petroleum Ltd. is discussing a farmout with several parties on its 35,000 sq km Bokhtar contract area in the Afghan-Tajik basin in southwestern Tajikistan, the country’s first production sharing contract.

The East Olimtoi EOL09 exploratory well has reached total depth of 3,765 m in the Akdzhar formation and is being logged in the Bukhara and Akdzhar sections and the lower part of the overlying Alai formation. Initial results from the raw logs indicate some zones of interest in the Bukhara limestone, but further data gathering and analysis is required.

The Alai flowed oil and gas to surface during drilling, and logs indicate several hydrocarbon-bearing zones with no evidence of an oil-water contact. The well is exploring an attractive salt-induced structure south of Kulob, 10 km northwest of the Afghan border, and 75 km southeast of Beshtentak oil field.

To the west, the Persea-1 exploratory well primarily targets the Bukhara limestone in a four-way dip closed structure with the overlying Alai as a potential secondary target. Persea is at 606 m running surface casing. Planned total depth is 2,700 m. The well is near Kurgon-Teppa and just northwest of Kyzyltumshuk field.

A gravity gradiometry and aeromagnetic survey covering the entire PSC is more than one third complete.

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