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Australia: Georgina basin shale wildcat spuds

PetroFrontier Corp., Calgary, has spudded Baldwin-2, its first well in the southern Georgina basin of Australia’s Northern Territory to test the Basal Arthur Creek hot shale and other targets.

PetroFrontier is operator with 100% interest in EP 103. Baldwin-2 is in the southwestern part of the block.

Conventional secondary targets are the Hagen member and dolomitic shoal above the Basal Arthur Creek hot shale and the Thorntonia formation located just below it. Management believes that the Arthur Creek "hot" shale is potentially analogous to the Bakken play found in Saskatchewan and North Dakota.

Baldwin-2 will be air drilled vertically to an estimated 900 m to test the Thorntonia formation for prospective hydrocarbon shows. The well will then be extensively logged, plugged back, and deviated horizontally for 1,000 m into the Basal Arthur Creek shale.

Then PetroFrontier will suspend the well temporarily and drill the MacIntyre-2 well in the northeastern corner of EP 127. Once it is drilled, MacIntyre-2 will be fract and completed using multistage open hole techniques. The rig and frac crew will then return to Baldwin-2 to conduct a similar completion program on that well.

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