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Australia: Beach sees multiple Nappamerri plays

Beach Energy Ltd., Adelaide, said it believes that in addition to substantial shale gas potential the Cooper basin in Australia also contains an unconventional basin-centered gas play.

Recent drilling results make it clear that the target zone in PEL 218 goes beyond shale and incorporates other lithologies that are also gas saturated, the company said. Beach has 90% interest in PEL 218.

The company said it secured two Ensign Australia Pty. Ltd. rigs to drill horizontal and vertical wells targeting its unconventional gas play in the Nappamerri Trough. The rigs, to arrive in January and April 2012, will focus on pilot horizontal production wells in ATP 855P, which Beach has 40% interest, and PEL 218, as well as a series of vertical delineation wells in PEL 218.

The program is designed to test the vast potential of the basin centered play in what is now considered a thick, continuous, multilithology gas accumulation across PEL 218 and potentially ATP 855P.

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