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North Dakota: Abraxas buys rig for Bakken drilling

By OGJ editors
– Abraxas Petroleum Corp., San Antonio, will refurbish a rotary rig it has purchased to field in the Bakken-Three Forks play in North Dakota in October 2011.

The company hired an experienced rig operator to run the used Oilwell 2000 diesel-electric rig using a multiwall pad drilling system.

Abraxas said it bought the rig to combat severe equipment and services shortages in the Williston basin. The company has 60 gross identified locations to be drilled in the North Fork area of McKenzie County, ND.

Raven Drilling LLC, an Abraxas subsidiary, will own and operate the rig. Abraxas said it is still negotiating long-term availability of completion services and nonetheless is starting to see additional availability in the basin.

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