Kurdistan to assess regional oil, gas reserves

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, June 14
-- The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government is conducting its first survey of regional oil and gas reserves to be used in conjunction with Iraqi federal authorities for reporting of countrywide reserves, said DNO International ASA, Oslo.

DNO has been asked urgently to submit its current estimates for both resources and reserves in the three contract areas it operates in Kurdistan. DNO has been undertaking a revision of the reserves at Tawke field based on recent production history and updated geological and reservoir models and expects to report large increases, said Helge Eide, managing director.

“Based on our current estimates we expect the gross ultimate P50 recoverable reserves for Tawke to be in excess of 500 million bbl,” Eide said. The figure is far higher than previous management estimates of 387 million bbl, for which the comparable externally audited figure was 306 million bbl.

With the resumption of exports of oil from Kurdistan in February, DNO said, Tawke production has climbed rapidly and has been sustained at about 70,000 b/d.

Eide said, “While reserves estimates are a work in progress and subject to change as new information is obtained, Tawke is certainly exceeding our expectations in terms of deliverability and field size. We are very excited and pleased with what we are learning.”

Other work is under way to estimate the size of the Benenan and Bastora discoveries as well as the potential of all undrilled prospects and geological horizons in DNO’'s licenses in Kurdistan.

DNO has commissioned Beicip Franlab, Paris, to provide a new interim Tawke report based on the latest production history and the company’s updated models, Eide said.

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