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Aramco taps KBR for Jazan refinery work

By OGJ editors
-- Saudi Aramco has let a front-end engineering and design and project management services contract to KBR for a grassroots refinery in the Jazan area of southern Saudi Arabia.

KBR reported crude capacity of the refinery, to be built in conjunction with a marine terminal on the Red Sea, at 400,000 b/d. Aramco earlier has described capacity as 200,000-400,000 b/d.

Aramco says the refinery ultimately will be integrated with a world-scale power and water facility. The terminal will be able to receive very large crude carriers. The refinery will have berths to support product exports.

The refinery will be able to process Arabian crude oils and to yield about 75,000 b/d of gasoline, 100,000-160,000 b/d of ultralow-sulfur diesel, and 160,000-220,000 b/d of fuel oil, according to Aramco.

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