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Petrobras signs contract for units at Refap

Warren R. True
OGJ Chief Technology Editor-LNG/Gas Processing

HOUSTON, Jan. 13 -- Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) on Jan. 12 signed a contract for construction of a diesel hydrotreater and hydrogen generation unit at its Alberto Pasqualini refinery (Refap) in Canoas, state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Upon inquiry from Oil & Gas Journal, Petrobras declined to reveal with what company or companies it signed the contract, the contract’s value, or when the units were expected to start up, although the company announcement said the work will take “about 3 years.”

The HDT II unit, it also said, will be capable of treating 6,000 cu m/day of low-sulfur (10 ppm) diesel, thereby contributing to compliance with the environmental legislation and improving air quality. The UGH II unit will be able to produce 1.25 million cu m/day of hydrogen at 99% purity.

The refinery currently has installed capacity of 200,000 b/d. Production consists mainly of diesel and gasoline, in addition to petrochemical naphtha, propane, LPG (cooking gas), jet fuel, fuel oil, and asphalt.

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