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Range Resources responds to EPA

By OGJ editors
-- Range Resources Corp.’s activities have not had any impact on the water aquifer in southern Parker County, Tex., the company said in a news release regarding the US Environmental Protection Agency's expressed concerns about possible natural gas migration.

EPA officials have noted methane contamination of two water wells in southwest Parker County. The Texas Railroad Commission scheduled a Jan. 10 hearing on the issue.

Range said it has been working with the Texas Railroad Commission staff, engineers, and field inspectors for several months and has conducted extensive testing of both Range-operated gas wells and the water wells of concern.

“We've provided those findings to the landowner, the Railroad Commission and the EPA,” Range said. “Range's wells are completed in the Barnett shale formation, which is over a mile below the water zone. The investigation has revealed that methane in the water aquifer existed long before our activity and likely is naturally occurring migration from several shallow gas zones immediately below the water aquifer.”

Range said it remains committed to working with regulators and residents to determine the cause and to assist with any remediation the Texas Railroad Commission determines is warranted. Range also will offer to provide drinking water to residents in the area while the investigation continues.

The company said it is working with the Railroad Commission to perform soil gas surveys that may lead to additional environmental investigation activities and to assist with monitoring gas concentrations.

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