Wintershall to drill more wells in Emlichheim steamflood

By OGJ editors
-- Wintershall is now drilling the first of 16 new wells at its Emlichheim steamflood on the German-Dutch border. The wells will be drilled during the next 5 years and will include 12 horizontal and 4 vertical wells.

The company said it also will supplement the new wells with 13 extended reach wells from existing production sites.

It plans to spend more than €60 million for this investment.

Currently the company produces about 140,000 tons/year of crude from the field and with the new wells it expects to maintain this production level to at least 2016. It estimates that the steamflood will recover ultimately more than 40% of the oil in place.

Wintershall started steamflooding at Emlichheim in 1981.

OGJ's enhanced oil survey indicates that production from the steamflood is from Valangian unconsolidated sands at a 2,500-2,700 ft depth (OGJ, Apr. 19, 2010, p. 50). The crude has a 22° gravity and a 350 cp viscosity at 100° F.

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