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Halliburton adds frac fluid additive section to web site

Nick Snow
OGJ Washington Editor

WASHINGTON, DC, Nov. 16 -- Halliburton Co. has established a new section of its corporate web site devoted to hydraulic fracturing that includes information about the identity and common uses of additives in its fracing products, the oil field services company reported.

The microsite,, initially is limited to activities in Pennsylvania, where extensive fracing already is under way as part of Marcellus shale development, but will ultimately disclose information for every state where Halliburton’s fracture stimulation services are used, according to David Adams, vice-president of the company’s production enhancement product service line.

The new web pages describe additives and constituents that are used for several typical Pennsylvania wells, Adams explained. “We believe this effort represents an important and substantive contribution to the broader long-term imperative of transparency,” he said, adding that such frac fluid additives typically comprise less than 0.5% of the total water-and-sane-based solution.

Within the microsite’s fluids disclosure section, Halliburton has Pennsylvania Water Frac, Pennsylvania Hybrid Frac, and Northeast Foam Frac formulations. “Much of this information has been available to the public for a long way, although it tends to be hard to find and even tougher to understand,” it says. “This site aims to change that by naming the additives in our fracturing solutions, listing the constituents, and explaining some of their other, more common household and industrial uses.”

The US Environmental Protection Agency subpoenaed Halliburton to disclose its frac fluid ingredients on Nov. 9 after eight other frac fluid suppliers voluntarily supplied or committed to supply the information for the agency’s study of possible drinking water supply problems resulting from hydraulic fracturing. Halliburton responded that it had provided nearly 5,000 pages of documents to EPA as of Nov. 5.

Halliburton also announced on Nov. 15 that it is introducing a fracture fluid system comprised of materials entirely from the food service industry that will be the first of its kind. The solution will be marketed under the trade name CleanStim Formulation and be part of the company’s CleanSuite product line, Adams said.

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