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Barrett runs two rigs in Utah's West Tavaputs

By OGJ editors
-- Keying off a record of decision on the federal environmental impact statement covering the West Tavaputs project in Utah’s Uinta basin, Bill Barrett Corp., Denver, expects to drill as many as 20 wells in the field by yearend.

The company initiated a two-rig development program and spud the first well Oct. 27.

West Tavaputs is among the company’s largest development assets based on its current reserve base of 325 bcf of gas equivalent proved and 1.3 tcfe proved, probable, and possible reserves.

The company had an approximate 96% working interest in production from 186 gross wells in its West Tavaputs shallow and deep programs as of Sept. 30. The resumption of drilling “offers growth in the shallow Mesaverde and Wasatch zones as well as upside opportunity through the shallow Green River oil, Mancos shale and deep formations,” the company said.

West Tavaputs produced a net 62 MMcfed in early November, down from the third quarter average of 69 MMcfed.

Bill Barrett Corp. reduced its 2010 capital spending projection to $475-485 million from $495-520 million before acquisitions. The spending reduction reflects additional capital for West Tavaputs drilling and a large reduction in projected outlays as the result of drilling and completion cost efficiencies in the Piceance basin in Colorado.

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