By OGJ editors
– Baraka Petroleum Ltd., Perth, looks forward to exploratory drilling with several partners in the Georgina basin in the southeastern part of Australia’s Northern Territory.

Extensive core and petrophysical analysis of the Cambrian and Ordovician basal Arthur Creek shale and the interbedded reservoir in the Macintyre-1 well on EP127 indicates a potential bypassed unconventional pay zone analogous to the Bakken formation in Southeast Saskatchewan and North Dakota (OGJ, Oct. 19, 2009, p. 39).

Baraka expects the drilling of one horizontal with a lateral at least 500 m long through the shale on either EP127 or EP128 with multistage frac stimulation. At least five wells on EP127 and EP128 have had live oil shows, some with background gas. Top of the shale is at 770 m true vertical depth.

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