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By OGJ editors
– LNG Energy Ltd., Vancouver, BC, said its 20% owned Polish subsidiary Saponis Investments Sp. Z o.o. let a contract to NAFTA Pila to drill the Wytowno S-1 and Lebork S-1 wells on the Slawno and Slupsk concessions in Poland.

NAFTA Pila drilled the Lebien LE1 well and is drilling the Legowo LE1 well, both for Lane Energy Poland Sp. Z o.o. and ConocoPhillips, both shale gas test wells on concessions that offset the company’s Saponis concessions (OGJ Online, Sept. 28, 2010).

LNG will employ substantial shale gas drilling experience developed in the US for the Wytowno and Lebork wells and North American frac design. The company noted that two-thirds of Polish gas demand is met with gas imported from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Germany.

LNG holds 100% interest in 5.5 million acres of prospective oil and gas properties in Papua New Guinea, 20% net interest in 734,000 gross acres of a shale gas exploration project in Poland with BNK Petroleum Inc., Sorgenia E&P SpA., and Rohol-Aufsuchungs AG, and 100% net interest in BWB Exploration LLC, which holds 2,800 acres of oil and gas leases in Carter County, Okla., and an estimated 65,000 acres of leases in the Black Warrior basin of Mississippi and Alabama.

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