By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Sept. 1
– PT Medco CBM Sekayu is drilling exploration wells on the Sekayu coalbed methane production sharing contract area in Indonesia’s South Sumatra basin, said partner CBM Asia Development Corp.

CBM-SE-04 will be a vertical well to 3,350 ft aimed at evaluating gas potential and reservoir properties of the two main coal groups of the Middle Palembang formation, the Upper Palembang Group and Lower Pangadang Group.

The minimum work commitment requires four wells to be drilled in the first 3 years. Indonesia’s first commercial coalbed methane exploration well, MedcoEnergi’s CBM-SE-02, was drilled in the Sekayu PSC block in the second half of 2009.

MedcoEnergi has contracted two rigs for the sequential drilling and coring of the next three exploration wells in the block, CBM-SE-04, CBM-SE-03, CBM-SE-01. The second rig is scheduled to double back to core the wells. Then the first rig will conduct tests of reservoir properties.

The three wells are geographically spaced such that coal thickness and gas content measures are anticipated to provide a strong indication of the overall potential of the block.

Initial evaluation of CBM-SE-01 is proposed to be conducted in the Palembang B seam at projected interval of 1,131-79 ft with estimated net coal thickness of 35 ft; the second in the Palembang C seam at interval 1,317-1,431 ft with estimated net coal thickness of 65 ft; and the final in the Pangadang A seam at interval 2,184-2,293 ft with estimated net coal thickness of 56 ft.

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