Range posts Marcellus shale fracing disclosure

Guntis Moritis
OGJ Production Editor

HOUSTON, Aug. 13 -- Range Resources Corp. submitted its first voluntary hydraulic fracturing disclosure forms to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and has posted the information on its web site.

The information covers the first three Marcellus shale wells in Pennsylvania that Range has hydraulically fractured since implementing its voluntary initiative. As it drills additional Marcellus wells, Range said it will provide similar information within about 30 days after completing a well.

All three wells reported on are in Washington County. The reports show the measured depth but not the true vertical depth of the horizontals. All of the wells have a 5½-in., 20 lb/ft production casing string cemented in a 8¾-in. hole.

The treatment for Well Baker 4H, drilled to a measured 9,700 ft depth, perforated from 9,549-6,949 ft, and completed on Feb. 8, was as follows:

• 3.8 million gal water.

• 206,339 gal sand.

• 1,965 gal friction reducer (FRW-200 or FRW 300), diluted at ½ gal/1,000 gal water.

• 2.211 gal antimicrobial agent (MC B-8642), diluted at ½ gal/1,000 gal water.

• 386 gal scale inhibitor (MC S2510T), diluted at 1/10 gal/1,000 gal water.

• 1,133 gal HCl acid, 139 gal/frac stage not diluted and 2,000 gal/frac stage as a mixture.

The treatment for Well Baker 5H drilled to a measured 10,100 ft depth, perforated from 10,000-7,100 ft, and completed on Jan. 29, was as follows:

• 4.1 million gal water.

• 229,596 gal sand.

• 1,849 gal friction reducer (FRW-200 or FRW 300), diluted at ½ gal/1,000 gal water.

• 2,504 gal antimicrobial agent (MC B-8642), diluted at ½ gal/1,000 gal water.

• 418 gal scale inhibitor (MC S2510T), diluted at 1/10 gal/1,000 gal water.

• 607 gal HCl acid, 139 gal/frac stage not diluted and 1,000 gal/stage as a mixture.

The treatment for Well Baker 6H drilled to a measured 11,083 ft depth, perforated from 10,950-8,050 ft, and completed on Dec. 5, 2009, was as follows:

• 4.3 million gal water.

• 230,154 gal sand.

• 2,042 gal friction reducer (FRW-200 or FRW 300), diluted at ½ gal/1,000 gal water.

• 2,567 gal antimicrobial agent (MC B-8642), diluted at ½ gal/1,000 gal water.

• 440 gal scale inhibitor (MC S2510T), diluted at 1/10 gal/1,000 gal water.

• 544 gal HCl acid, 139 gal/frac stage not diluted and 2,000 gal/frac stage as a mixture.

Average injection rates were 70.1 bbl/min in Well Baker 4H, 67.4 bbl/min in Well Baker 5H, and 69.3 bbl/min in Well Baker 6H.

The reports note that the HCl perforation clean-up acid for Wells Baker 4H and 5H was a 7.5% HCl mixture and for Well Baker 6H was a 3.8% HCl mixture. The acid mixtures consisted of 37% HCl, Cl-100 corrosion inhibitor, NE100 nonemulsifier, and FE100L iron chelator.

The reports list HCl as being a hazardous compound on the material safety data sheet. Other acid material on the MSDS are the corrosion inhibitor components methanol and propargyl alcohol. The nonemulsifier and iron chelator do not contain any compounds on the MSDS according to the reports.

Also the reports indicate that the friction reducers FRW-200 and FRW-300 also do not contain any components on the MSDS.

Components of the scale inhibitor on the MSDS include sodium hydroxide and ethylene glycol. For the antibacterial agents the reports note that glutaraldehyde, n-alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, and ethanol are on the MSDS.

Contact Guntis Moritis at guntism@ogjonline.com.

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