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By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, July 19
– Test results at a second reworked well in Koshekhablskoye field in the southern Russian republic of Adygea far exceeded expectations, said JKX Oil & Gas PLC.

Well 20 stabilized at 22.6 MMcfd of gas and an estimated 25 b/d of condensate on a 60/64-in. choke with 1,510 psi flowing wellhead pressure. The first well to be reworked and recompleted, Well 27, made 13 MMcfd in September 2009.

Well 27’s original wellbore was used, but Well 20 was sidetracked through the reservoir to a total depth of 5,060 m. It was tested without acid stimulation on a larger choke and cleaned up rapidly to a flow rate more than five times those recorded historically.

The result indicates that drilling practices and fluids and improved completion techniques can markedly improve results in this field, JKX said.

The company said recent well results have demonstrated that old drilling and completion practices greatly compromised productivity from the main Oxfordian reservoir and that the deeper Callovian reservoir may have suffered in a similar way. Consequently, the results of the commitment well scheduled for later in the year could provide further upside to the project.

A full-field reserves review will be undertaken once the field starts gas production.

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