Philippines Tindalo well flows 18,689 b/d

By OGJ editors
-- Nido Petroleum Ltd., Perth, said the Tindalo-1 well in SC 54A in the Northwest Palawan basin off the Philippines tested at a maximum rate of 18,689 b/d of 27° gravity oil from the Nido limestone reservoir.

Nido drillstem tested the well for 27 hr with 59 psig flowing tubinghead pressure on a 136/64-in. choke and noted no downhole pressure decline during the test. The interval 1,606-50 m true vertical depth subsea was acidized, and the flow rate was limited only by tubing size.

The well was placed on extended well test June 6 at 15,000 b/d. Some water has been produced which the company said is either from the formation or introduced while drilling.

Crude samples were obtained for assay, and the crude was processed on the jack up and stored aboard the dynamically positioned Tove Knutsen storage vessel for later sale. The crude contains no wax, contains 13 scf/bbl associated gas, and is 1,200 ppm hydrogen sulfide.

SC 54A, covering 862 sq km, contains the Tindalo, Yakal, Nido 1X1, and Signal Head oil discoveries and more than 20 prospects in shallow water. SC 54B covers 3,184 sq km and contains the Gindara prospect, a four-way closure at the Top Nido limestone on 28 sq km with more than 300 m of vertical closure.

SC 54A working interests are Nido Petroleum Philippines Ltd. 42.4%, Kairiki Energy Ltd.’s Yilgarn Petroleum Philippines Pty. Ltd. 30.1%, Trafigura Ventures III BV 15%, and TG World (BVI) Corp. 12.5%.

Nido noted that Tindalo is the second Filipino oil field to start production since the early 1990s, the other being Galoc (OGJ Online, Oct. 30, 2008).

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