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Appalachian Weir sandstone lateral cased

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, June 15
-- NGAS Resources Inc., Lexington, Ky., set pipe on its first horizontal well for oil in Mississippian Weir sandstone in Letcher County, Ky., in the southern Appalachian basin.

The well, with a 2,040-ft lateral at 3,600 ft true vertical depth, is to receive a 10-stage water frac in July. A second well is drilling, and the company is permitting five more for drilling this fall.

The first well, which had oil and gas shows while drilling, offsets six NGAS vertical Weir wells that came on line in early 2010 and are producing oil and gas.

The Weir sandstone, 170-180 ft thick in the area, is the main producing formation in Roaring Fork field on the Kentucky-Virginia line, where 500 Weir wells produce oil and gas. In Amvest field to the southwest, NGAS has 78 vertical Weir producing wells.

The company holds more than 70,000 undeveloped acres in the two fields and plans to develop the Weir horizontally with 100-acre spacing upon successful completion of the initial test wells.

In addition to its Weir tests, the company has completed 55 horizontal Devonian shale wells with laterals as long as 4,500 ft throughout its Appalachian acreage. All 55 wells are connected and producing high-btu gas.

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