Marseille-Fos Port activates new docking post

Doris Leblond
OGJ Correspondent

PARIS, May 13 -- Marseille-Fos Port brought on stream a fourth docking post for crude where the initial tanker has already docked.

It replaces a former crude post used by the Fos Cavaou Methane Terminal Co. Its €33 million cost has been shared evenly by the company and the Marseille Port.

The facility can receive mid-tonnage tankers of 80,000-130,000 000 dwt with a maximum draught of 15 m and brings to seven the Fos oil docking ports.

In 2009, 38.4 million tonnes of oil transited through Fos. With 57 million tonnes of hydrocarbons (crude, products, LPG, and LNG), Marseille Fos is now positioned as the primary French oil port and the third worldwide.

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