By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Mar. 25
– Ascent Resources PLC said its Slovenia subsidiary and partners are prioritizing drilling prospects from positive results of a 3D seismic survey of 120 sq km in Slovenia and 25 sq km across the border in Hungary.

Nemmoco Slovenia Corp. said the Petisovci survey turned up 12 targets with a combined recoverable potential of 75 bcf on which a number of wells are to be drilled in 2010-2011. It can be expected that success at some of the prospects will lead to further targets as they investigate trap types not previously drilled in this area.

The original Petisovci project area is 35.5 sq km, and NSC’s partners in the joint venture are Geoenergo, Stratic Energy Corp., and Kulczyk Oil Ventures Inc. NSC has a 45% interest in the shallow oil and gas reservoirs and a 15.75% interest in the deeper tight gas reservoirs.

The project area in Slovenia has been increased by 61.5 sq km in which Ascent through NSC has 75% interest in both the shallow and the deep reservoirs and is in partnership only with Geoenergo. It is in this extended area that the majority of the new prospects have been identified.

In the adjacent Hungarian part of the project, Ascent Hungary Ltd. has 50% interest in 90 sq km in partnership with MOL Oil and Gas PLC. Ascent Hungary let a contract for 65 sq km of 3D seismic and plans to drill two exploration wells. Possible locations have been identified from the 25 sq km of 3D already shot and processed.

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