Red Sea terminal upgrades process control, metering

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Feb. 23
-- Aqaba Bulk Chemicals Co. has undertaken to modernize its oil terminal at the port of Aqaba on the Red Sea beginning in January.

Romanian company Syscom 18, a turnkey supplier for process control and metering systems, in consortium with Spanish company Comercial Gasso is delivering, integrating, and commissioning pumps, instrumentation, tank-gauging system, metering skids, and distributed control.

Syscom 18 has supplied tank-gauging systems for 19 tanks, 15 metering skids, instrumentation, pumps, valves, flame arrestors, and DCS. Syscom 18 has manufactured all metering skids, 7 mass skids and 8 volumetric. Radar level gauges indicate tank inventory.

Syscom 18 says it was the first Romanian company to deploy, in 2003, the first modern large natural gas metering station with multipath ultrasonic flowmeters.

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