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Ghana wants gas to fuel power generation

Curtis Williams
OGJ Correspondent

PORT OF SPAIN, Feb. 5 – Ghana wants to use its natural gas resources to fuel electric generation.

Energy Minister Joe Oteng-Adjei said, “We think the gas will allow us to expand our electricity production, help us reduce the cost of electricity so that it will be a direct benefit to the people of Ghana, and also it will help the environment.”

He acknowledged Ghana relies heavily on technical assistance from Trinidad and Tobago, which has shared its expertise in the development of oil and gas with African governments.

He said, “We do not hide the fact that we have adopted the Trinidad and Tobago model of development for the energy sector and changed it to our needs. We have done this because we feel that [the country] shares our interest in development.”

He promised an open door to Ghana for Trinidad and Tobago service companies as long as they observe the law. He said his government would not tolerate corruption.

Trinidad and Tobago has used its limited natural gas resources to become the world’s largest exporters of ammonia and methanol and is the largest exporter of LNG to the US.

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