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New Brunswick gets first Frederick Brook gas flow

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Nov. 25
-- Corridor Resources Inc., Halifax, reported the first significant flow of natural gas from the Mississippian Frederick Brook shale formation in New Brunswick and said the results are encouraging for future horizontal drilling and multistage fracturing.

Corridor Resources ran propane fracs in two intervals in the upper part of the Frederick Brook at the vertical Green Road G-41 well 4 km north of Elgin, NB.

The first frac resulted in placement of 46 tonnes of proppant in a black shale interval at 2,000-2,050 m. The second frac resulted in placement of 68 tonnes of proppant in a silty interval containing thin interbeds of sandstone at 1,850-1,900 m.

Commingled clean-up flow at the end of a 57-hr flow period was at a restricted rate of 4.1 MMscfd consisting of 85% natural gas and 15% propane frac fluid at a flowing wellhead pressure of 2,083 psi. A temperature log confirmed that both intervals were contributing to the flow.

Corridor Resources will install a tubing string with packer in the well to facilitate independent flow testing of each interval.

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