Kuwait Oil Co. wins approval for port plan

Eric Watkins
OGJ Oil Diplomacy Editor

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 12 -- Kuwait City Municipality has agreed to grant Kuwait Oil Co. (KOC) a location in Abu Halifa to establish sea port facilities, according to a senior official.

Municipality administrator Abdullah al-Naumis said the facilities will be built on a 28,300-sq-m area, noting that the request for the port had been denied in May due to environmental concerns.

The municipality’s approval came after KOC reevaluated the impact of its port project, taking into account the environmental concerns, which included residential areas as well as a state-run coffee shop.

The Abu Halifa location is east of Kuwait’s Al Maqwa oil field, and just north of the country’s existing oil export facility at Mina al Ahmadi.

The new port will be built about 300 m from the shore into the sea and will stretch about 140 m along the shore line, according to al-Naumis, who said that KOC will keep a 30 m buffer zone between its facilities and any residential areas.

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