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Total-Aramco refinery in Jubail advances

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, June 18
-- Saudi Aramco Total Refining & Petrochemical Co. has completed an “awarding plan” for engineering, procurement, and construction contracts for the 400,000-b/d refinery it will build in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Total SA last year reported a delay in contract awards for the project as it and partner Saudi Aramco assessed global economic conditions (OGJ, Dec. 1, 2008, Newsletter). The review coincided with cancellation by Aramco of a contract with Snamprogetti for development of Manifa oil field off Saudi Arabia.

The Jubail refinery originally was to have processed Arabian Heavy crude and a new grade from Manifa. In a statement about the contract-award plan, the joint venture mentioned only Arabian Heavy.

The venture will let contracts for 13 process packages for the Jubail refinery, which will maximize yields of diesel and jet fuels and also produce 700,000 tonnes/year of paraxylene, 140,000 tonnes/year of benzene, and 200,000 tonnes/year of polymer-grade propylene.

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