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Marsden Point refinery expansion under way

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Apr. 21 -- New Zealand Refining Co. Ltd. (NZRC) has begun construction on a 35,000-b/d expansion of its 107,000-b/d Marsden Point refinery.

The company is adding the capacity by modifying a 90,000-b/d distillation tower. The project, scheduled for completion by yearend, will eliminate the need to import resid as supplemental feed for a 30,000-b/d hydrocracker.

The Marsden Point facility is New Zealand's only refinery.

In February, NZRC said one of its four major-company shareholders, Shell New Zealand Holding Co. Ltd., was reviewing ownership options, which might include divestment of its 17% interest.

Other major-company shareholders are BP New Zealand Holdings Ltd. 24%, Mobil Oil NZ Ltd. 19%, and Chevron New Zealand 13%.

The international companies are NZRC's largest customers.

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