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'Offshore oil drilling is a risky, dirty, dangerous business'

Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope, on the 20th anniversary on March 24 of the Exxon Valdez crude oil spill into Prince William Sound off the coast of Alaska:

"The anniversary of the Exxon Valdez disaster should serve as a reminder of the threat oil poses to our oceans and coasts. Instead of opening the door to more Exxon-style disasters, we should embrace the clean energy solutions that will keep our beaches and marine life intact and help combat global warming.

"Offshore oil drilling is a risky, dirty, dangerous business. Contrary to what the oil industry would like us to believe, there is no effective method for cleaning up an oil spill. Where there are tankers and offshore drilling, there will always be spills.

"More offshore drilling won't lower [gasoline] prices for average Americans. It will only add to the record-breaking profits made by oil industry executives.

"It's time to leave the days of oil spills behind us. Investment in clean energy like offshore wind power will help end our addiction to fossil fuels. It will help create green jobs and energy independence.

"The drill-everywhere days of the Bush administration are behind us. Americans want clean energy and the jobs that come with it, not more bloated oil industry profits. The Obama administration clearly understands that."

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