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Total budgets Donges refinery upgrades

Doris Leblond
OGJ Correspondent

PARIS, Feb. 2 -- Total SA has earmarked €120 million for the scheduled 5-year turnaround of its 229,700 b/d Donges refinery near Saint Nazaire on the Loire estuary. Donges is the group's second largest refinery in France. Work will be carried out between Feb. 22 and Apr. 20, with 200 companies engaged on site.

Half the units will be shut down during the 2-month turnaround, but the refinery's spokesperson told OGJ that products have been stored, and customers will be fully provided with all products during the down time.

The change of convection and radiation equipment of the three atmospheric distillation furnaces will involve the largest expenditure, €20 million. A further €60 million will provide a new amine unit for gas desulfurization, a new torch, construction of double lining for the troughs bordering the Loire River, and a laboratory.

In addition, €10 million will be spent for a thorough evaluation of the 30,000 km of pipes at the refinery.

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