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Pemex lets contracts for drilling platforms

Uchenna Izundu
International Editor

LONDON, Feb. 11 -- Pemex Exploration & Production (PEP) has let a contract to J. Ray McDermott SA, Houston, to transport and install the Ixtal-B and Maloob-C drilling platforms in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico.

The contracts are valued at more than $40 million and are to be executed before the third quarter.

The Ixtal-B drilling platform comprises a 1,984-ton, four-leg jacket with 2,205 tons of piles, and a 2,205-ton topside. The Maloob-C drilling platform comprises a 3,527-ton, eight-leg jacket, 2,535-ton topside, and 3,307 tons of piles and 2,646 tons of 30-in. conductors.

"The Ixtal-B jacket will be a 'lift and set' installation, while the Maloob-C jacket will be launched conventionally," McDermott said. They will be installed in 216 and 272 ft of water respectively.

It will use its DB50 construction vessel to install the platforms. Platform components for Maloob-C will be transported to the installation site onboard material barges from J. Ray's Altamira fabrication facility, and components for Ixtal-B will be transported via material barges from a third party location, the company added.

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