By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Dec. 31 -- Sonterra Resources Inc., Houston, plans to place on production the Matagorda Bay State Tract 127-1 Unit exploratory well in the Nodosaria-1 formation at 11,700 ft in January 2009.

Drilled by a unit of South Texas Oil Co., San Antonio, the well went to TD 12,464 ft. Logs indicated multiple gas and oil pay zones in the Bolmex and Nodosaria-1 formations at 8,500-11,700 ft.

The two companies hold 5,500 gross acres in state waters in Calhoun and Matagorda counties.

Logs indicate that the Matagorda Bay S.T. 150-1 sidetrack development well, TD 10,246 ft, cut multiple gas-condensate pay zones in Bolmex at 9,300-10,000 ft. The well gauged 785 Mcfd, 120 b/d of condensate, and 67 b/d of completion fluid with 3,600 psi on an 8/64-in. choke in late December and should be on line in early January in Bolmex at 9,950 ft.

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