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Coastal Energy drills two Gulf of Thailand wells

By an OGJ correspondent
BANGKOK, Dec. 31 -- Coastal Energy successfully completed two wells on Block G5/43 in the Gulf of Thailand, serving to ensure an average oil production of 9,000 b/d from its Songkhla field.

The Songkhla A-03 development well, completed in the Lower Oligocene reservoir, began a production test on Dec. 11 and is pumping 5,000 b/d day of oil, with no water, using an electric submersible pump.

Drilled to a total depth of 3,470 m in the deeper Eocene reservoir, the Songkhla A-07 exploration well has also been tested and is yielding about 1,100 b/d of oil, with the same amount of water.

The outcome follows on the heels of the successful drilling of Songkhal A-01, the first well in Songkhla field development, which started producing 4,500 b/d of, medium sweet, 29° crude since Nov. 3 (OGJ Online Oct. 1, 2008).

Coastal CEO Randy Bartley said the results of Songkhla A-03 are as anticipated, with performance similar to that of the Songkhl A-01 well.

Prior to rig demobilization, remedial completion work will be performed on the A-07 well to isolate water production and to fully evaluate the well, the company said.

Production from the three Songkhla wells is expected to average 9,000 b/d through the first quarter of 2009, when permanent production facilities will be installed.

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