Venture tests 9,000 boe/d from Chestnut well

Uchenna Izundu
International Editor

LONDON, Nov. 7 -- Venture Production PLC's test of an appraisal well on Chestnut field in the UK North Sea resulted in a maximum flow of 9,000 boe/d, building upon the previously mapped field area. Oil production was restricted by surface facilities.

The well struck 64 ft of oil-bearing sandstone with no water contact observed. Pressure measurements taken during testing showed the well was connected to the main body of the field and can therefore be pressure supported by the field water injection well.

Production in the field began in September after technical problems delayed its startup by a year (OGJ Online, Sept. 23, 2008). The test results signify an expected boost in production, recoverable reserves, and overall field life.

The partners plan to tie-in the new well early next year to the Sevan 300 Hummingbird floating production vessel, which has a storage capacity of 270,000 bbl and can accommodate as many as 3 risers and umbilicals. The platform will have an oil processing capacity of 30,000 b/d and a water injection capacity of 20,000 b/d of water.

Since September, Chestnut has delivered nearly 500,000 bbl of oil, and the second lifting via tanker off-take has been completed. Chestnut's average gross production rate is 12,000 boe/d.

"The production up time since first oil has been in excess of 99% despite final commissioning activities on several systems continuing through the period," said Venture Production.

R.G. Moffat, president and chief executive of field partner Bow Valley, said these results were due to innovative seismic technology and interpretation, which has optimized the field's development.

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