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Talisman encouraged by Utica shale test

By OGJ editors
HOUSTON, Sept. 3 -- Talisman Energy Inc. announced what it calls encouraging results for its Quebec unconventional program following a Utica shale test.

The Gentilly vertical well, a reentry to a previously drilled Trenton-Black River well, flowed 800 Mcfd from one completed interval on a sustained basis on test for 18 days.

At the time of the shutin, the well was still cleaning up, and pressures and flow rates were constant.

Talisman, holding a 75% interest, operates the Gentilly well, which is on the south side of the St. Lawrence River about 100 km south of Quebec City.

John A. Manzoni, Talisman president and chief executive officer, said additional testing is planned for the well, including zones within the Basal Lorraine and Lorraine shale formation.

The Lorraine shale sits on top of the Utica and can be up to 6,500 ft thick. The Utica shale is 300-1,000 ft thick.

Early indications show both the Lorraine and Utica rocks are thick, porous, and appear brittle and over pressured, all of which are conducive to artificial fracture stimulation.

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