IAG lets contract for CCRL refinery expansion

David N. Nakamura
Refining/Petrochemical Editor

HOUSTON, June 5 -- International Alliance Group (IAG) has awarded a detailed design services contract to Mustang Engineering for the Consumers' Cooperative Refineries Ltd. (CCRL) $1.9 billion refinery expansion project in Regina, Sask. (OGJ, Nov. 5, 2007, Newsletter).

IAG is the program manager for the grassroots portion of a proposed refinery expansion that would increase capacity to 130,000 b/cd from a current capacity of 100,000 b/cd.

In 2007, Mustang completed front-end engineering design for the project. Detailed design will take more than 600,000 man-hr of work to complete, according to Mustang.

Mustang's automation and control business unit is providing detailed design, configuration, staging, and integration of the process control system for five new process units and supporting utilities.

The grassroots expansion includes an FCC complex to help the refinery process additional light synthetic crude from Canada's oil sands. The expansion will be CCRL's second expansion this decade and is scheduled for completion in 2012.

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