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Australia considers carbon capture and storage law

Rick Wilkinson
OGJ Correspondent

MELBOURNE, June 23 -- Australian Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson introduced amendments to the country's offshore petroleum law to clear the way for carbon dioxide capture and storage offshore.

The amendments outline geosequestration logistics from coal and gas-powered electricity generation and other industrial processes.

Ferguson said the bill could help accelerate Australia's carbon capture and storage development. The initial plan concerns CO2 storage, but other substances could be considered for geosequestration in the future, he said.

The bill, introduced in the House of Representatives, focuses on access and property rights for greenhouse gas injection and storage. It outlines a storage management system.

The legislation also seeks to clarify the rights of the petroleum industry when geosequestration and production operations are in the same area.

The impact on fishing, shipping, defense, and telecommunications industries will be taken into account, along with indigenous rights and environmental protection measures, Ferguson said.

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